end end [end] noun
1. STATISTICS MARKETING top/​bottom end a figure that is at the top or bottom end of a range is high or low in the range of possible figures that were expected:

• The results were at the top end of previous market forecasts.

2. MARKETING top/​expensive/​bottom/​cheap end a product that is at the top or bottom end of a range is the most expensive or cheapest in the range:

• It won't be easy competing at the top end of the market.

• Bombay dealers are the main suppliers of the cheap end of the US diamond jewelry market.

— see also front end, high end

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end UK US /end/ noun [C]
the time or place that something finishes: »

The construction will be completed by the end of the year.


Sales are looking good according to the end-of-month report.


We spent a long time looking for a good supplier, but we found one in the end.


There are encouraging signs that the recession has come to an end.


The difficult period we've been through now seems to be at an end.


There is no end to the possible markets for this product.


The meeting room is at the end of the corridor on the right.

used when stating whether goods or services are expensive or cheap, or of high or low quality: the bottom/low/top end of the market »

This basic laptop is aimed at the low end of the market.

an aim or purpose: »

We aim to halve production costs, and to this end we are investing in automating the process.


We see good design not just as a means of increasing profits, but as an end in itself.

the parts of a task or process connected with one particular type of activity, or with a particular person: »

Rick's more involved with the financial end of things.


Everything's ready here, but how are thing's your end?

sb's end of the bargain/deal »

We kept our end of the bargain, but they failed to meet their deadline.

See also BACK-END(Cf. ↑back-end), CLOSED-END(Cf. ↑closed-end), DEAD END(Cf. ↑dead end), END-TO-END(Cf. ↑end-to-end), FRONT-END(Cf. ↑front-end), HIGH-END(Cf. ↑high-end), LOW-END(Cf. ↑low-end), YEAR END(Cf. ↑year end)
end UK US /end/ verb [I or T]
to finish or stop, or to make something finish or stop: »

What time is your meeting due to end?


Her resignation ends months of speculation about her future.


Our contract with those suppliers ended in April.

end in sth »

The negotiations ended in failure after three days.

end (sth) with sth »

I'd like to end my presentation with a little story...

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